What Mistakes Are Inherent In Betting Beginners?

In modern society, a destructive opinion has been formed regarding betting. Ignorant people who have not experienced the world of betting in practice may come to the conclusion that winning is very easy. This is fundamentally wrong, because, according to existing statistics, only 5% of the total number of players ultimately turn out to be a plus. Let’s try to figure out what mistakes are inherent in beginners at the dawn of their activity in the world of betting.

Point one – the gambling component

Before making a bet, you need to be aware that gambling is not appropriate here, because this is not a casino. An incredible desire to place a bet at any cost, without reckoning with anything at all, is a sure way to nowhere. And if you come to betting, thirsting for a quick victory, easy money – this area is not for you today, because your money, personal savings, what you managed to borrow from relatives and friends, will fly into the abyss of unsuccessful bets.

Yes, of course, in the world of betting there is a very curious opinion, when people, being far from sports, hit the jackpot in the bookmaker’s office. It should be noted that here the main incentive to play was not excitement at all. This applies, in particular, to those who prefer the exact sciences. Let’s say people who are professionally involved in mathematics and are able to calculate their real odds of winning.

Emotional component

It should be noted right away that in betting, as in revenge, you need a cool head and the ability to manage emotions. If you can’t or don’t want to tame your own emotional background, it can cost you dearly in the end.

Emotions are a bad advisor in the world of betting, under the weight of such a factor even people who play according to a formed strategy and make informed decisions have often fallen, until they give free rein to personal feelings. Yes, sober calculation and emotionlessness are not always a guarantee that you will be able to make the deliberately correct decision. Rather, your lack of emotion will save you the extra risk of making the wrong decision. Perseverance and sobriety are your invaluable tools when working with money and statistics.

It is important to remember that decisiveness, which can be in moderation, as well as fear, can only harm. No matter how long you win today, there is no guarantee that the next bet you made will lose.

Money management

In this part of our material, it is worth touching on the problems of financial literacy or, if the reader wishes, money management. The question arises – for example, you have a certain amount of free money, but how much of it is advisable to allocate to betting?

If stakes are for you leisure and entertainment, then, of course, spending half of your salary on it (and in some cases even more) is a bad decision. Financial literacy is very important, you, as a future specialist, will need to calculate the volume of monthly investments. And it is required to do this not only for a file or a checkmark – remember, you are pursuing certain goals. If 1,000 rubles per month are allocated for bets, do not exceed this amount.

Once you have managed global planning – it’s time to take a little time to ask – how big will your bet be? It will not be superfluous to form reserves that you will connect only as a last resort. Accordingly, it is required to split the bank into as many parts as necessary in order to achieve the desired result. A great option is to take a ready-made financial strategy.

What odds to choose

Within the framework of this question, it is also impossible to give any one recommendation, since the question is purely individual. There can be no standard and effective solutions in betting, since the concept of “golden mean” is not applicable here at all. It is very important to find it – it is very relevant for those moments when you use certain coefficients.

Very often mistakes when choosing odds are typical for beginners who play either at the minimum or at incredibly high quotes. In all these cases, it is not possible to achieve the desired result.

The odds section is closely interspersed with finance, as well as excitement. There are not just a lot of cases when beginners, not understanding the topic, form coefficients, but an incredibly many. Failure to correctly assess the odds plays a cruel joke with users, since the chances of certain events occurring exceed the odds offered by the bookmakers. If you have events with odds of 1.2 – 1.5 in the express bet, and the express train consists of 10 events, it is incredibly difficult to achieve success, and on a long time period it is a road to nowhere.

We put everything?

This statement is relevant for gamblers who want to get everything at once. All-in is often used in casinos, but in betting this is the biggest mistake you can make. Inability to manage money, emotions and excitement – these are your guides to a deep abyss of debt and gambling addiction. Very often players want to win back after a losing streak. What remains of the bankroll is wagered on anything with what it might seem to be a “sure win”.

Losing will bring you a serious loss, however, in some cases, it will teach you, give you invaluable experience. Winning all-in bets is much more dangerous, since beginners who do not yet have a game base may have the impression that they can compensate for any long losing streak simply by betting all-in.

With experience comes the understanding that winning in betting is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Avoiding losses and minimizing risks is not an easy task.

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